Wet Weather Policy 2015


From the BL&G

In the event of forecasted bad weather, games are NOT to be cancelled prior to playing by either coaches or delegates.

In fairness for both clubs and parents, both teams must attend the venue stated on the program. If the playing conditions are deemed to be unsafe for the kids before or during the match, due to hail or lightning, common sense would prevail. Cold weather, while not as pleasant or enjoyable for the children or parents, is not considered unsafe weather conditions.
We encourage all parents to provide their kids with long sleeve dark coloured tops that can be worn UNDER the BDFC jumper. Dark blue ones are available from the club Merchandise Officer. Similarly, dark coloured longer shorts (bike shorts) may be worn under the league required shorts.

The same goes for the next games that are scheduled on the same night. Coaches need to determine the decision, the call must come from the BL&G club representatives (Wayne Rosenboom and Grant Herrmann) in consultation with both parties and only if you are unsure or if there is disagreement, at the last point with the BL&G Junior President.

This is a winter sport and cancelling games prior to the event should not happen, unless the above conditions are in place at that point in time.

It is important to note that ultimately, parents have the right to prevent their children from playing regardless of the club decision.